1001–Basic HTML Exercise

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A customer wants you to make his writings into HTML so that it displays well in web browser. He has written the text. Your job is to use HTML to define the content for web browser to properly display it.


Given the following text, please use HTML to group related content together.

Title: World Simulation Game
This is a game that simulate your life with your real world data. This game uses the real world’s weather and temperature data.
It’s rainy today in Macao. You should buy an umbrella by using $10 game coins.
Haven’t started playing yet? Buy now with $4.99.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Friday.

Please also consider adding span tag to content that we’ll need to dynamically change them with JavaScript later.


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Submission guideline

  • You may submit a URL to your HTML code, or you may upload your HTML file.
  • You may use Codepen or any online HTML IDE to work on this project.



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