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It’s very similar to the test project 1008. This time we want to show the full pictures when mouse hovers on the photos.

We want to make the following effect:

See the Pen CSS Photo Stack Effect 2 by Thomas Seng Hin Mak (@makzan) on CodePen.


Given the following HTML code:

<h1>Photos Stack</h1>
<div class='photo-stack'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=2'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=3'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=4'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=5'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=6'>
  <img src='http://placekitten.com/160/100?image=7'>
  <p>Album Title</p>


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