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A customer wants you to make his writings into HTML so that it displays well in web browser. He has written the text. Your job is to use HTML to define the content for web browser to properly display it.


Given the following content, please use HTML to group related content together.

Example Ltd.

Example ltd is a training center.

Contact Us

Example Ltd. has been creating on web for 15 years. We have a great team that teach web design and development with books and classes. Our latest course is HTML5. Our latest product is "Super Great Example Product".

Latest Course

- HTML5 Introduction
- Ruby on Rails 5 Getting Started
- Git Version Control
- jQuery inside out


Here is a gallery of our products.

[Fake Image 1]
Product A, released at 2015-01-01

[Fake Image 2]
Product B, released at 2016-02-04

[Fake Image 3]
Product G, released at 2016-05-06

[Fake Image 4]
Product D, released at 2016-09-08

Contact Us

You can reach us via tim@example.com. Or visit us at 54 Roosevelt Ave, West Orange, NJ, 07052.

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Submission guideline

  • You may submit a URL to your HTML code, or you may upload your HTML file.
  • You may use Codepen or any online HTML IDE to work on this project.
  • You may also put the content in your submission box.

Marking scheme