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There is a robotic competition association. They are hosting a competition and want to let member to enroll through their online web page. They have design the form in plain text. But they don’t know how to make an HTML form.


Given the following form text, please create the HTML form.

Robotic Competition Enrollment Form.

*Name [e.g. Steven Chan]
*Email [e.g. email@example.com]
School Grade [number (1-10)]
[x] Have you joined any robotic competitions?

When is the first time you join a competition ?
[Dropdown: Before 2010, 2010–2016] [ Dropdown: Janrary–December]

What competitions have you ever joined?
[Multiple Select:]
RoboCup Junior
RoboCup Rescue
RoboCup Dance
Robotic Battle League
DARPA Robotic Challenge

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