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We want to create a 1000x800 web banner to promote the Olimpia Trucks business. The owner don’t know which styles to use. Please design 5 different designs by using the same content.


Please use the following text to create the banner.

Olimpia Trucks

Transport is a trust business. People count on you to get there on time, day in and day out. But reliability and uptime don’t come out of thin air. They come from Olimpia’s long tradition of delivering exactly what your business needs. With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless.

You need to create 5 web banners. Try using different font-face combinations. Try mixing serif and sans-serif together. Or use different effects.


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Submission guideline

  • You need to submit 5 different designs, by using 5 different font-face combinations.


  • Some extra photos are provided in the media file bundle.