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Now that we want to create a simple web page that shows our name and what we like most.


Given the content, try to build a simple web page that shows the world your name and interests.

I build web sites.
I like playing table tennis.

Feel free to change the the content, such as modifying the content into what you like most.

Bonus 1: Youtube

At the end of the page, we would like to embed a YouTube video as well.

Example Youtube:

Bonus 2: Adding styles

Feel free to add some styles to the page.

Result Preview

Result Preview

Submission guideline

  • Please upload the source code to me.
  • If you are using Codepen, you can directly copy-and-paste the Codepen URL to me.
  • If you are uploading the content to Netlify, you can copy the Netlify URL to me alongside your source code uploads.