Introducing jQuery 1st Edition EN

Hi there, I’m Thomas Mak.

Through out the course, you will learn
    • How jQuery makes use of powerful selector patters to let us apply command to specific DOM elements.
    • The power of class toggling combining with CSS class definitions.
    • Handle different events to create interactive web pages.
    • Query Internet resources by using it’s very handy getJSON method.
    • Use plugins to enhance our web pages in elegant way.
    • Build tab panels by using basic jQuery show/hide, which is very useful and common action.
    • Build a image slideshow that allow animation in different themes.
    • Build a simple todo-list that manipulate DOM elements with every thing we learned in this course.
    • Finally we’ll create own own plugins to let us reuse and share our own jQuery work.

Table of Content

  1. 📖 Preparating for the course
  2. 📖 Lecture 1—Selector and Actions
  3. ✏ Lab 1—Basic HTML and jQuery exercises
  4. 📖 Lecture 2—Selecting and Hiding HTML DOM elements
  5. ✏ Lab 2—Adding and Removing class
  6. 📖 Lecture 3—Functions and Events Handling
  7. ✏ Lab 3—getJSON and Todo list
  8. 📖 Lecture 4—AJAX and getJSON
  9. 📖 Lecture 5—jQuery plugins

Course material last updated at: 2019-06-08.


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