What is ModernWeb.Design?

Thomas Mak wrote at 2017-04-18.

ModernWeb.Design is an online mentorship community to learn web design. You can find tutorials, courses, and test projects here.

You may also follow the twitter: @goMWD

What are Courses?

Course is a collection of lecture notes, videos, exercises, and workbooks. You can imagine it is a path to learn a specific skill. For example, Mobile web design course or jQuery course.

What are Test Projects?

Test projects are exercises that you submit the hands-on coding that’s reviewed by mentor.

What are Posts?

Posts are like blog posts. They are in different category including tutorials, tip-and-tricks, and feature updates.

What are Classrooms?

Classrooms are communities that I group certain students together for a fixed learning duration for a specific topic. Currently classrooms are invite only. I have ran 14 classes here, including ReactJS, CSS3, and WorldSkills competition training.


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